Angola’s capital Luanda is plagued by scorching heat, and the city feels like it is suffocating. And at this very moment, air conditioning units are mysteriously falling off walls all over the place. Caretaker Matacedo and cleaning lady Zezinha are tasked with getting their boss’s air conditioner up and running again by the evening, by any means necessary. Their search for a solution leads them to the electrical shop owned by Kota Minos, who is secretly working on a machine to retrieve memory.

Angolan director Fradique and collective Geração80 have created a captivating universe filled with magical realism. In Luanda, the houses and their residents bear the marks of their history of civil war and reconstruction. AR CONDICIONADO invites you on a dream journey through the everyday life of this city – accompanied by a jazzy soundtrack.

In cooperation with Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua (Portugal) and Portugiesisch-Brasilianisches Institut der Universität zu Köln

AR CONDICIONADO (AIR CONDITIONER) Direction: Fradique, digital, OF m. engl. UT, 72 min


Fradique is one of the stand-out directors of contemporary Angolan cinema. He studied film in the USA and is one of the founders of the production company Geração80, which was also involved in creating the dance film PARA LÁ DOS MEUS PASSOS, featured on the programme for this year’s festival.

The 14th Afrika Film Festival featured his documentary INDEPENDÊNCIA, about the armed struggle for liberation in Angola, which is built upon many years of research with witnesses from the period and won the national prize for Angolan film culture. Since then, he has produced music videos for Angolan artists such as Nástio Mosquito and Aline Frazão. In 2020, he shot his first feature film, AR CONDICIONADO, which got him invited to the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The creative film artist Fradique is one of the ‘Berlinale Talents’ and is already working on his second feature film THE KINGDOM OF CASUARINAS, which will be completed in 2022.

For this year’s festival, he has gladly taken over the patronage and will present the films CONSTELAÇÕES DO EQUADOR, NOSSA SENHORA DA LOJA DO CHINÊS as well as the lusophone short film programmes.