Blacks in Cologne

Support for BIPoC (Black, Indegenious, People of Colour) without an Ukrainian passport

Audience Award for Best Documentary: THE LAST SHELTER - Director: Ousmane Zoromé Samassékou

The "House of Migrants" is a place of refuge in the Southern Sahara. Here, migrants can recover from…

Audience Award for Best Feature Film: THE GRAVEDIGGER'S WIFE - Director: Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

Guled and Nasra live with their son Mahad on the outskirts of Djibouti. The family is trying to make ends meet…

Diversity Film Award: BASHTAALAK SA'AT (SHALL I COMPARE YOU TO A SUMMER'S DAY?) - Director:Mohammad Shawky Hassan

The title of an Egyptian pop song BASHTAALAK SA'AT ('I miss you sometimes') and a sonnet by Shakespeare SHALL…
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Diversity Film Award - Special Mention: IRRÉPROCHABLE (FLAWLESS) - Directed by Anaïs Lonkeu.

Laura, a primary school pupil, has a crush on the only black presenter* with his own news programme on French…
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Audience Award for Best Short Film: LA DANSE DES BEQUILLES - Director: Yoro L. Niang

Penda is confined to a wheelchair and begs to support herself and her mother.Her passion is dance. She finds…

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