End of the road in Kalsaka and Hambach? Protest movements against mining corporations in Burkina Faso and Germany


On the website of “Hambi bleibt” (“Hambi stays”), “victims of mining” discuss the many “unacceptable disadvantages” that the Hambach opencast mine has forced upon the people of the region. They include “dirt and noise disturbance, health hazards from the fine particle dust, other emissions, destruction of our livelihoods”. Their conclusion: “It is unacceptable for the population of an entire region to have to foot the bill when a large corporation attempts to make profits at the lowest possible cost.”

The same charges are brought by those on the receiving end of a gold mining company’s operations in the village of Kalsaka in Burkina Faso, as shown in the film PAS D’OR POUR KALSAKA (24.09, 6 pm).

The workshop gives those attending the chance to join director Michel K. Zongo and activists from the Hambach Forest to discuss the similarities of protests in Burkina Faso and in Germany, as well as the need for global resistance as many struggle to make a living in the age of global climate change.

Workshop language: French with consecutive translation into German.