“In the third millennium there are other epochs, other places, other lives. We are not a mirage”. This is the message which, in this mixture of political thriller and satire, is beamed by the Tunisian hacker Khaltum via satellite into western television programs – accompanied by the cartoon figure of the dancing camel named Bedwin. The genius computer specialist succeeds in preventing a deportation in France by hooking herself up to a police computer and paralysing the power supply from “La Défense”, an administrative centre in Paris for 14 hours. Khaltum contradicts with her free life and sex any stereotypes of women’s roles in Arabic countries. With the figure of the self-confident computer piratees and her gang the director wanted to point out already a decade before the start of the revolt, that there are also south of the Mediterranean “free spirits”, even if those were not noticed “in the western dominated media”.

Video-On-Demand (Online):

Bedwin Hacker Direction: Nadia El Fani, digital, OF m. dt. UT, 98 min.