AFRICA RIDING: five short films on the theme of ‘rider’ from Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana and Senegal: Marion earns her living as a bike messenger, though cycling is frowned upon for women in Uganda. In the Rwandan city of Kigali, Karim races artistically down even the bumpiest of alleyways on his rollerblades.

What these ‘riders’ have in common, according to director Liz Gomis, is ‘that they don't even think about leaving their countries for a supposed “El Dorado” in the West’ because they have ‘clear ideas’ about how to improve the lives of local young people where they are.

In cooperation with Sonnenblumen Community Development Group e.V. 

AFRICA RIDING digital, OF m. dt. UT, 5 x 8 min


Liz Gomis is a journalist and filmmakerwho studied cultural mediation and communication and audiovisual journalism in Paris. She is columnist for the French radio station Radio Nova and a member of the Conseils présidentiel pour l’Afrique, an advisory body on Afro-French relations founded by President Emmanuel Macron in 2017. In this role, she also works on restoring and digitising African films.

The series AFRICA RIDING, which consists of eight short documentaries, is available to watch at one of the Cologne festival’s school screenings, in the festival’s online section, and excerpted as part of the short film night. Liz Gomis directed it alongside Aurélien Biette from the production company Mountainfilm.