One day, a young man finds a baby on his front doorstep with a message that appears to be for him: TIMOUN AW (YOUR KID). Doubting he is really the father, he sets out in search of the child’s mother.

TIMOUN AW (YOUR KID) Direction: Nelson Foix, digital, OF m. engl. UT, 28 min


Nancy studied direction at the ifs film school in Cologne and has since been working as a director, author and vision mixer. Her Black Lives Matter documentary I HAVE A DREAM traveled from festival to festival worldwide in 2021. Her debut film HOMESHOPPERS' PARADISE followed in 2023 and was shown on Arte and in cinemas.


Abel Michael is a filmmaker and owner of the agency ‘AMXI Filmdesign’, which has its headquarters in Cologne. As a cameraman and director, he designs, conceptualises and visualises advertising and promotional films for businesses. His film journey began at the age of 11, when he received his first small digital camera as a birthday gift. He and his friends would use it to make football trick videos in the style of Nike’s ‘Joga Bonito’ series, which they then uploaded to YouTube. At 18, he turned his hobby into a profession and started shooting advertising commissions and wedding videos. His short documentary about the Black Lives Matter movement was shown in Cologne at the 2020 Africa Film Events. For the festival this year, he has worked together with filmmaker Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye to curate the diaspora short film series.