The women who set out from sub-Saharan countries for Libya and Europe and become stranded in the desert city of Agadez in Niger feel like exiles (EXILÉES) and outcasts. The film is dedicated to Priska, a refugee who made it to the North African coast but drowned on the boat trip across the Mediterranean.

EXILÉES (EXILED) Direction: Ager Oueslati, digital, engl./frz. OmU, 14


Ager Oueslati was born in 1987. The director, journalist and photographer has French, Algerian and Tunisian roots. As a photojournalist and filmmaker, she has been working on the history of migration for over ten years. EXILÉE, filmed in 2019, is her first short film. She is currently doing research for her first feature-length film with the working title YOU DON’T DIE TWO TIMES.

Hildegard Kiel has worked in the international sector for many years, at the interface between culture and development policy. She has been living in Tanzania for 20 years, where she founded and runs the Dhow Countries Music Academy in Zanzibar. She is particularly interested in cultural forms of expression and their impact on societal developments. Since 2019, she has been the project manager for North and East Africa at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin.