SANKARA: 10th of June, 4:30 p.m.; Lichtspiele Kalk


SANKARA is often called the Che Guevara of Africa. Still not well-known enough in this country, he plays a leading role in the struggle for independence in Burkina Faso and on the entire African continent. The filmmaker and journalist Yohan Malka was born in France and is the son of Moroccan immigrants. His father was an admirer of Sankara. In his film, Yohan Malka examines Sankara's ecological, feminist and colonialist theses, which are still relevant today. With the help of young interviewees, contemporary witnesses and Sankara's companions, Yohan traces the short life of this visionary. Archive footage and current images illuminate Thomas Sankara's work in the mirror of today.

Guest:  Christian M. Mbuyi has written and edited a children's book series about the hero:ines of Africa, including Thomas Sankara, and will give an introduction to the content

Lichtspiele Kalk

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