Interviews AfrikaFilm Festival 2022 - Amil Shivji about VUTA N’KUVUTE (Tug of War)

In the 1950s, a revolutionary movement is fighting against the British colonial regime on the island of Zanzibar. Yasmin, a young woman of Indian origin, who has just been married off by her family to an older man and flees to the Swahili district of Stone Town. There she meets Dengé, a young revolutionary. A forbidden love grows between the two protagonists. VUTA N’KUVUTE is an adaptation of the award-winning Swahili novel by Adam Shafi. In this feature film, director Amil Shivji opens a dialogue about the years of struggle against colonial rule to encourage reflection on the present and look to the future.

Amil Shivji tell us here about VUTA N’KUVUTE on the occasion of the 19th edition of the Africa Film Festival in Cologne.