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In Burkina Faso, in the gold-mining town of Bantara, 16-year-old Rasmané descends more than 100 meters into the mines to dig for gold. Like all teenagers his age, Rasmané is playful and dreamy. His daily routine consists of cooking and working in the mine. He hopes to find gold with which to build his future. But the long days of work are fruitless. Over time, his body changes and he gradually loses his childlike innocence. Boubacar Sangaré is a filmmaker, writer and director from Burkina Faso.  OR DE VIE (A GOLDEN LIFE) is his first documentary for the cinema and had its premiere at Berlinale this year.

OR DE VIE (GOLDEN LIFE) Direction: Boubacar Sangaré, DCP, OmeU, 85 min