After spending the day with a supportive group of women, Anna decides to see herself in a new light.

BREAKING GROUND Direction: Inès Girihirwe, digital, OF m. engl. UT, 13 min


Gloria Bucyana has a growing career with over 4 years of experience in Festival management and arts project management. She is currently heading the Event department of Mashariki African Film Festival 2021. Prior to that, she served as a team-start in support for the official selection, technical support and organisation of press conferences with the films in competition. At the same time Gloria was head of the logistics department, the year before she served as the head of the hospitality team for the same festival. Gloria participated in different workshops such as ‘girls in cinema’. She is a young makeup artist, traditional, cultural dancer and an aspiring lawyer with a strong passion for arts and justice. FilmInitiativ has invited Gloria Bucyana to AFFK to discuss collaborating with the Mashariki African Film Festival in Rwanda. FilmInitiativ is planning a return visit to the Mashariki Festival in December 2021.