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Bahta is a 25 year old tunisian, a hothead who excels at break-dancing. When he thinks a woman he likes may be seeing another man, his injured pride mixes with his arab anger at Western insults to Islam, so he gets in trouble with the cops. For sanctuary, two men take him to the home of an older man, a teacher who is a tombstone calligrapher. The teacher slowly brings Bahta to understand the promise of martyrdom, playing on his desire for manhood.

Nouri Bouzid has personally presented this award-winning feature film at the festival "Out of Europe X" in 2008 in Cologne. Due to the current events in Tunisia, his film was described by a tunisian film critic as "a prophecy of our jasmine revolution". He documents impressively, the brutality of the police and the repression at the time of Ben ali‘s dictatorship in Tunisia. For his oppositional political engagement, Nouri Bouzid spent five years in tunisian prisons.

Making Of Direction: Nouri Bouzid, 35mm, DVD, OF m. dt. UT, 115 min