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In KAKA-YO, two young people want to get married, but a magician advises the groom to test his bride's feelings…

Film restored by the Cinémathèque Afrique of the Institut français.


With curator Dyana Gaye in attendance. 

In cooperation with Instituts français Paris + Köln

KAKA-YO Direction: Sébastien Kamba, DCP, OmeU, 28 min


Dyana Gaye

Dyana Gaye is a French-Senegalese director. A regular guest at Cologne since 2002, she has presented several of her films there, including DEWENETI (2006) and DES ÉTOILES (2013). In addition to directing, Dyana Gaye has worked on the selection committee of the Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde and as a member of juries at numerous festivals. In 2022, she and Valérie Osouf created the Tigritudes cycle, an anthology of pan-African cinema. She is currently developing her next feature film, STUDIO KÉBÉ. Dyana Gaye is the patroness of this year’s AFFK, and will present a selection of films from the Tigritudes program.