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Awa,15 years old, is a very good student. Her twin brother Adama is a street vendor in Dakar. He dreams of a life in Europe and has to raise a large sum of money for his dream. After the death of their grandmother, their aunt Fatou has to marry Atoumane to fulfill the last will of the deceased. The twins are obliged to support the new couple. Atoumane commits an irrevocable act. XALÉ, LES BLESSURES D'ENFANCE deals with sexual violence and the lack of prospects for Senegalese youth. Director Moussa Sene Absa uses a theatrical and musical staging to stimulate and construct the imaginary, but also to denounce a social taboo.


With director Moussa Sene Absa in attendance

XALE, LES BLESSURES D’ENFANCE (CHILDHOOD WOUNDS) Direction: Moussa Sene Absa, DCP, OmeU, 101 min


Moussa Sene Absa

Moussa Sene Absa is not only a film director, but also an artist, writer and musician. He started out as an actor before moving on to directing. His screenplay for LES ENFANTS DE DIEU won an award at the Festival du Film Francophone de Fort-de-France. For his first short film, LE PRIX DU MENSONGE, he was awarded the Tanit d'argent at the Carthage Film Festival in 1988. His film TABLEAU FERRAILLE won Best Cinematography at FESPACO 1997. His next film, MADAME BROUETTE, won the Silver Bear at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival. He also produced a popular daily comedy sketch, GOOR GOORLU, for Senegalese television. His talent as a painter is also recognized, and his works have been exhibited in Senegal, Europe and North America. This year, we present his new film XALÉ.