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In the Harar region of Ethiopia, Mami dreams of going to Europe. He questions his friend Ibrahim about his journey and the reason for his return. Others chew Khat, a euphoric plant prized for its mystical properties, to escape the daily grind. The cultivation of Khat has its roots in the Sufi tradition; it is said to help them find the path towards eternity. Director Jessica Beshir, who is originally from this region, bears witness to the ways in which Khat culture is transforming and how the consumption of this plant is caused by the country’s political and economic upheavals as well as global warming. FAYA DAYI is a hypnotic, immersive experience that balances myth and reality in the rural Oromo world.


FAYA DAYI Direction: Jessica Beshir, DCP, OF m. engl. UT, 118 min