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IRRÉPROCHABLE (FLAWLESS) – Primary school pupil Laura is crazy about the only Black anchor with their own news programme on French television. When one evening the anchor disappears from the show without warning, Laura’s mother explains to her that this can happen to Black people at any time if they don’t behave absolutely impeccably. 

IRRÉPROCHABLE (FLAWLESS) Direction: Anaïs Lonkeu, DCP, OF m. engl. UT, 17 min


Anaïs Lonkeu

 Born in Strasbourg of Cameroonian parents, Anaïs Lonkeu discovers at a very young age her passion for cinema. In 2016 she obtains an undergraduate degree after which she decides to move to Paris to pursue her career. After obtaining a degree in film studies, Anaïs enters la Fémis in 2017 in the production department. She aims to produce projects in which actors of African descents have important roles. She is currently writing her second short film.