Sacrées bouteilles

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Mohsen, living in the south of Tunisia, has a special talent and preoccupation. If he isn’t at work or helping his neighbors, he spends his time in his garden creating his own artwork made of abandoned bottles. His art reaches not only wide and unseen artistic - but even philosophical - dimensions. "Sacred Bottles (Sacrees Bouteilles)" is the expression of ecology and artistic expression living together.

Sacrées bouteilles Direction: Fitouri Belhiba, DVCam, OF m. engl. UT, 26 min


Fitouri Belhiba

Born in Zarzis, a town in the South of Tunisia, Fitouri Belhiba started his career as an actor at the local theatre. In the 1970s he went for realising shorts, documentaries and fictions. While living in French exile he founded the production company “Filfil Films”. In October 2010 he visited the festival in Cologne for the first time to present his films SACRÉES BOUTEILLES and HISTOIRES VIVES. Soon after he went back to Tunisia to collect more information, films and videos about the rebellion, which led to the overthrow of Ben Alis dictatorship at the end of 2010. He came back to Cologne several times to participate in debats on perspectives of the democratic movements in North Africa.