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One of the traditional trade routes on the African continent is the connection from East Africa to the Arabian Peninsula across the Horn of Africa – ACROSS THE HORN. Since the 1990s, increasing numbers of migrants from Ethiopia and Djibouti have been following this same route. The film shows the infrastructure and obstacles refugees encounter along this little-known migration path.

In 2019, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Tunis, in collaboration with the foundation’s offices in Dakar, Dar-es-Salaam and Johannesburg, invited ten filmmakers from various African countries to grapple with the topic of migration from a southern perspective through short films, with the overarching title ‘10 views on migration’. Director Ager Oueslati and coordinator Hildegard Kiel from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation will present four films from this project. (Total length: 69 min)

In cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany (DOMiD)

ACROSS THE HORN Direction: Oualid Khelifi, digital, arab./frz. OmeU, 20 min