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Guled and Nasra live with their son Mahad in the poor neighbourhoods of Djibouti. The family tries to make ends meet through Guled’s work as a gravedigger. Nasra, THE GRAVEDIGGER’S WIFE, suffers from a severe kidney disease and her condition continues to deteriorate, day by day. Guled is forced to raise more money than his gravedigger’s salary allows in order to help his wife get the treatment she needs. Director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed received the Golden Stallion of Yennenga at FESPACO in 2021 for his first feature film.

THE GRAVEDIGGER’S WIFE Direction: Khadar Ayderus Ahmed, DCP, arab./frz. OmeU, 83 min


Omar Abdi

Omar Abdi was born in Somalia in 1979 and moved to Finland at the age of 12, where he debuted as an actor in 2008. He received much attention and praise for his outstanding acting performance playing the main character in THE GRAVEDIGGER’S WIFE. The film premiered during Critics’ Week at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and won the Amplify Voice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. He also features in THE WOODCUTTER STORY by Mikko Myllylahti and in two series coming to cinemas in 2022. Omar Abdi is a multifaceted actor who, alongside winning best actor at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2021, has also been nominated for best actor at Finland’s film awards.