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With his works (e. g. NEGAÇÃO DO BRASIL, RAÇA, MEU AMIGO FELA), Joel Zito Araújo is one of the greats of Brazilian cinema. His work O PAI DA RITA is a story that combines drama and comedy, addressing the dramatic changes to traditional samba. The protagonists Roque and Pudim, two old-school composers, share a friendship that has lasted decades, the love of their samba school, and doubts about the past: what happened to their muse, the carnival dancer Rita? The sudden appearance of Rita’s daughter puts the future of their friendship in jeopardy.



In cooperation with: Camões, Portugiesisch-Brasilianisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, KINO LATINO KÖLN

O PAI DA RITA (RITA’S FATHER) Direction: Joel Zito Araújo, DCP, OF m. engl. UT, 116 min


Joel Zito Araújo

Director, screenwriter and producer Araújo is known for spotlighting Brazil’s Afro-Brazilian population. His work includes the book and film A NEGAÇÃO DO BRASIL (2000), winner of the É Tudo Verdade festival; the feature film AS FILHAS DO VENTO (2005), winner of the Tiradentes festival and the Cinema de Gramado festival; and the internationally acclaimed documentaries CINDERELAS, LOBOS E UM PRÍNCIPE ENCANTADO (2009), RAÇA (2013) and MEU AMIGO FELA (2019). RAÇA and MEU AMIGO FELA were screened at the Afrika Film Festival. His latest film, O PAI DA RITA, premiered at the 2021 São Paulo International Film Festival.