29.9. Sunday

20:30 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Price: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (reduced)

R: Sam Blitz Bazawule;

Ghana 2018;

OF Twi m. engl. UT; digital; 75 min.

THE BURIAL OF KOJO is a magical tale yet full of gritty realism, as Esi, inspired by a series of bizarre dreams, tells the story of her childhood and the turbulent relationship between her father Kojo and her uncle Kwabena. Esi recalls a tragic accident for which her father was to blame and which claimed the life of Kwabena’s fiancée on their wedding day. Even now, years later, Kwabena is still hellbent on revenge. When Kojo ultimately vanishes and the police can’t find him, Esi sets off on an enigmatic journey to rescue her father.
The director, who until now has been known under his hip hop stage name Blitz the Ambassador, won several awards for his mini-budget film debut featuring amateur actors at international festivals including New York and Luxor.