28.9. Saturday

22:15 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

With director Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum in attendance

Price: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (reduced)


R: Mantegaftot Sileshi Siyoum; Äthiopien 2018;

OF m. engl. UT; 6 min.

KING OF THE STREET is the ironic name given to a street kid in Addis Ababa, who is by no means treated like a king, even though he helps others.


R: Mohamed Touahria; Algerien 2018;

OF m. engl. UT; digital; 4 min.

In a Paris that is riddled with terrorism and xenophobia, very serious allegations are levied against the young Algerian Mohamed in the animation #JE_SUIS_KAMIKAZE.


R: Coralie Majouga; Frankreich 2018;

OF. frz. m. UT; 24 min.

One day before they are supposed to follow their father to Africa, brothers Mathis and Antoine take an involuntary trip to Paris to say goodbye: AU REVOIR PARIS.


R: Azedine Kasri; Frankreich 2018;

OF. frz.-arab. m. engl. UT; digital; 26 min.

TIMOURA (TERRITORIES) tells the story of car mechanic Brahim, who was born in France to Algerian parents, but he has little connection to their homeland. He dreams of going on a trip to the USA with his son Yann. But Yann, who has never been to Algeria, has other dreams.


R: Mohammed Hossameldin; Italien 2018;

OF ital. m. engl. UT; digital; 14 min.

After successful chef YOUSEF finally gets his long-awaited Italian citizenship, a traumatic experience throws him into an identity crisis.