29.9. Sunday

18:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Preis: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (ermäßigt)

R: Merzak Allouache;

Algerien/Frankreich/Katar/Libanon 2018;

OF arab. m. engl. UT; DCP; 95 min.

DIVINE WIND has the feel of a voluntarily feature film project for Merzak Allouache, after he had fulfilled his duty; namely researching and making his documentary on Islamist fundamentalism TAHQIQ FEL DJENNA (Investigating Paradise). Both films go looking for explanations as to which religious ideas underlie the propensity to make heroes of terrorist martyrs. Both are shot in black and white and feature no music, relying instead on the power of their content and protagonists.
The protagonists of DIVINE WIND are both in their 20s, the hesitant Amine and the more rash and outspoken Nour. They are committed Salafists and meet up at a remote house in the Algerian desert to carry out a terrorist attack on an adjacent oil refinery. But during the preparations we catch occasional glimpses of joy and playfulness creeping through, emotions which until now had been suppressed by their Islamist dogmas.

With director Merzak Allouache in attendance