24.9. Tuesday

17:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Price: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (reduced)

R: Diane Fardoun;

Senegal 2015;

OF m. engl. UT; digital; 80 min.

As the pilot for a series of films about dance styles all over the world, L’APPEL À LA DANSE focuses on the evolution of dance in Senegal. Traditional styles such as sabar have existed for many centuries and are still proudly performed there today. But also new urban dance styles are increasingly emerging on the streets of the West African country. The documentary presents aspiring Senegalese dancers and their personal stories who, with innovative performances, are breaking down the boundaries between different dance styles and merging the modern with the traditional. The film offers sensual insights into Senegalese culture and attempts to provide answers to the question “Why do people dance?”