16.9. Sunday

20:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Price: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (reduced)

R: Asurf Oluseyi

Nigeria 2017

OF m. dt. UT; DCP; 99 min.

Akande is still on the job hunt long after having graduated. Finding employment is no easy task in the Nigerian metropolis Lagos and Akande struggles to earn an honest living. He even walks around the city with a placard requesting work hanging around his neck – all in vain. Discrimination, drug abuse, insecurities and tradition stand in his way. Living with and being taunted by his unhappy sister Yewande doesn’t help matters. But one day everything changes. Akande meets Ibrahim, who opens his eyes to new opportunities in the faraway town of Kaduna in northern Nigeria. Akande has a decision to make: stay in Lagos and lead a miserable existence, or leave the city in the hope of being able to live a free, self-determined life. A far cry from classic Nollywood cinema, HAKKUNDE tells the story shared by many Nigerian graduates as they go on the search for self-actualisation. It is the first Nigerian feature film to be financed by a public crowdfunding campaign.

In cooperation with Bündnis14 Afrika

With director Asurf Oluseyi in attendance