23.9. Wednesday

10:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig



Regie: Likarion Wainaina;

Kenia 2018;

Deutsch synchronisiert; DCP; 74 min.

Nine-year-old Jo loves action films and dreams of being a super heroine herself. Her biggest whish is to shoot a film with herself in the starring role. In her fantasy, the young girl forgets that she’s terminally ill. Eventually, Jo’s sister can’t bear any longer to watch the lively girl waste what precious time she has left just lying in bed. She encourages Jo to believe in her magic powers and subsequently gets the entire village to help make Jo’s dream come alive. And they all take part. This moving story by young Kenyan filmmaker Likarion Wainaina was  conceived as part of a project by German-Nigerian production collective One Fine Day Films, established by director Tom Tykwer. The filmmaker tells of the power of imagination and of an unusual way to say goodbye. (trigon-film)