29.9. Saturday

19:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

05.9. Saturday

15:00 Filmpalette Köln



R: Oliver Hermanus;

Südafrika 2019;

OF afrikaans m. dt. UT; DCP; 99 min.

For a long time, Nicholas has known that he’s different, that something despicable and unacceptable is lurking within him. However, South Africa’s minority government is engaged in a conflict at the Angolan border and all young white men over 16 must serve two years in the military to defend the apartheid regime and its culture of toxic, racist machismo. The ‘black peril’ is a real and current threat. What’s wrong with Nicholas and others like him can be treated, cured and eradicated like a cancer. But just as fear is urging Nicholas to accept the terror in the hope of remaining invisible, a tender relationship with another recruit is becoming as dangerous aany enemy fire.The German premiere of MOFFIE will be screened as part of the QUEER FILM FESTIVAL.

In cooperation with Filmpalette Köln