23.9. Wednesday

20:30 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

24.9. Thursday

17:30 Filmforum Museum Ludwig



R: Amor Hakkar;

Frankreich/Belgien/Algerien 2018;

OF frz. m. dt. UT; DCP; 93 min.

Ali is happy. He lives in Paris and has been in a relationship with Eric for two years. However, one night, a phone call from his sister unhinges Ali’s world. Their mother, who lives in Besançon, has suffered a stroke. It’s been five years since Ali hastily fled the city due to being gay. In the eyes of his strict Muslim family homosexuality is a sin which means they don’t accept Ali. Following his mother’s stroke, Ali embarks on the dreaded journey back to Besançon accompanied by Eric to visit her. Ali hopes for an amicable reunion and a swift return to Paris.
In his sixth feature-length film, Amor Hakkar shows the difficult decisions facing his protagonist Ali who is alone in tackling them. Not requiring many words, the director shines a light on homosexuality, Islam and finding one’s true self.
With actor Yassine Benkhadda in attendance
In cooperation with DEMASK, LSVD e. V. and rubicon e. V.