23.9. Sunday

14:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Price: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (reduced)

R: Coréon Dú

Angola 2016

OF m. engl. UT; DCP; 81 min.




R: Tammaso Cassinis, Hagan Go

Ghana 2016

OF m. engl. UT; digital; 30 min

BANGALOGIA takes a voyage that spans from Angola to the US and Europe in journey to discover why this mysterious African “It factor” called “Banga” has been inspiring so many in and out of Africa, and how it is bringing the world closer to the motherland of style. “Banga,” the Angolan term for swag or style, is examined in detail. From the lowest rungs of Angolan society to the country’s cosmopolitan jet-set—Banga we’re told is something vital to the Angolan people’s cultural future. Banga is a synonym for style, for personality and for attitude. You’ve got to combine those three elements into one word. The supporting film YENKYI TAXI looks at how modern and traditional elements interact in Ghanaian contemporary music.

In cooperation with Zentrum portugiesischsprachige Welt an der Universität zu Köln and camões instituto da cooperação e da lingua portugal.