24.9. Tuesday

09:00 Jugendzentrum Northside

Price: 3 Euro


26.9. Tuesday

10:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Price: 3 Euro

R: Hawa Essuman;

Kenia/Deutschland 2010;

Dt. Fassung; DVD; 60 min.

Nairobi, Kenya: 14-year-old Abila lives with his parents in Kibera, one of the largest slums in East Africa. One morning the teenager discovers his father slumped in a corner and seriously ill. He deliriously mumbles that a woman has stolen his soul. Abila and his friend Shiku go in search of a remedy. Along the way they find out that Abila’s father gambled away his soul with the mysterious spirit woman Nyawara. When the two teenagers find the witch in the darkest corner of the ghetto, she tells Abila he must solve seven cryptic riddles by the following morning if he wants to save his father’s soul. A race against time ensues and Abila sets off on a wild adventure through this microcosm of their city.

With director Hawa Essuman in attendance