20.9. Thursday

16:00 Filmforum Museum Ludwig

Price: 7 Euro / 5 Euro (reduced)

R: Eric Bodoulé Sosso

Kamerun 2017

OF m. engl. UT; DCP; 85 min.

In Djambar, sembene l‘insoumis spectators, friends, employees, directors and journalists bring us into a buzzing walk through the life and work of the director and writer the Late Sembene Ousmane, died in 2007. The Yof’s beach, in Dakar, village of fishermen where Sembene had been settled down reminds us the importance of oversea and the sea for this great storyteller who started to listen and serve his people. Extract from films, texts, the cinema masterclass that he had delivered in Cannes in 2005, many speakers as well as Senegalese apprentice filmmakers, African-Americans such as Danny Glover or academics will be gathered to share the same desire of absolute and emancipation.